We supply close & open mouth barrels made from superior quality raw material. Our close mouth barrels find their applications in different industries to store liquids such as chemicals, oils and many more.

We also supply Crates like Fish crates & Fruits/vegetables crates of various purposes. Packaging Crates are widely used in Dairies, Bakeries and farms for packaging, transportation and storage of various products, which are more useful and easy for professional cleaners

We supply industrial Strapping Machines, Shrink Films, Strapping Band, Hand stretch film, Machine stretch film and more for dusting cleaning homes. We provide Plastic Drums as a better alternative to Metal Drums. It is free from rusting or corrosion, no product contamination. Single blow moulded piece, no welds, no joints. Lower tare weight but higher in performance. Optimum storage container utilization. Other features include : Liquid tight sealing, 100% leak-proof. Internationally accepted design. Sealing facility. Cost-effective size options of 235 litres and 245 litres available. Tanks IBC with storage capacity of 850ltr and 1000ltr.Profile steel reinforcement channel. IBC Tanks comes with the below options as per usage standards.